Chuck Norris fact: Chuck Norris issues presidential endorsement

Newt “Graingrich” was his candidate of choice, but alas, Newt Graingrich isn’t running. As such, the easy call would be for Chuck to back Newt’s own (apparent) candidate of choice.

But Chuck Norris ain’t never done things the easy way, and he’s not about to start now.

Part of our backward culture is reflected in the fact that we measure and value people by what they do, instead of first who they are. As a result, we nominate charisma, cast votes for articulation and repeatedly elect too many paper-thin corrupt politicians. Of course, I want a president who gets things done, but I first want one who has lived a life of integrity, commitment, truthfulness and respect. Mike is that man…

Mike is a compassionate Christian conservative. Though solid in his faith and standing for traditional family values, he’s not an uncaring extremist. He lives what he believes, and respects others’ beliefs even when they disagree with him, committed to a republic that was founded upon the free exercise of religion…

As with the other candidates, Huckabee has, and will continue to have, his hecklers: “He hasn’t raised enough money.” “He’ll never beat Hillary.” “Our society is too prejudice and paranoid to vote for a once Baptist minister.” “He’ll never out-race the top four Republican candidates.”

I was thinking about these types of comments the other day when I recalled another leader in ancient times that didn’t match up in the line up: King David. Seven men were poised and paraded for the position of king, but David was left in the field shepherding because he wasn’t “a frontrunner in the polls.” They overlooked the best because they were too busy judging by outward appearance. But God appointed David king.

He’s got a rundown of Huck’s policy platform at the link, although most planks will be familiar to you by now. Exit cool-fact-about-Chuck-Norris: Chuck Norris doesn’t vote, Chuck Norris tells America how it’s going to be. Alternative possible cool-fact-about-Chuck-Norris: Chuck Norris is saying what a lot of other social cons are starting to think?

Update: From the comments, “It’s a win win situation. Huckabee wins and Chuck Norris lets the country live another 4 years.”

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