Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Dingy Harry, SCHIP, and what Hillary's qualified to do

H&C had him on to talk about the bonanza but he worked up a head of steam and, god love ’em, they let him run with it. I don’t know what he might have said here that warrants the Enlightened Finger-Wag of Shame but rest assured that Media Matters and Think Progress will be letting us know tomorrow. Exit question: Does Reid really care what Rush is doing with the letter? The point of sending it wasn’t to cow him into silence, it was simply to reassure the nutroots that the Democrats share their outrage towards all things wingnut and are willing to sign their names to manufactured controversies to demonstrate that fact. David Brock’s boys dropped a turd in a box and Dingy Harry gift-wrapped it for them in Senate letterhead. If Rush wants to recycle the paper, well, that’s no business of Reid’s.

Update: This is some recycling effort.

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Jazz Shaw 5:01 PM on March 22, 2023