Video: "Know Thine Enemy"

Via Kesher Talk, here’s a promo for the film “Meeting Resistance” — duly plugged by hyperpartisan left-wing robot Sid Blumenthal on its website — masquerading as a “video op-ed” at the New York Times. The Times, smartly, has chosen to title it “Know Thine Enemy” to reassure viewers where they stand vis-a-vis the insurgency. But let’s take them up on their offer: watch the clip and see if you know anything after seven minutes that you didn’t know before. Iraqi nationalists want to expel Americans from their soil? You don’t say.

Actually, there is something I didn’t know. I didn’t know that Sunnis and Shiites lived in a magical realm of peace and friendship, dancing happily together in the streets of Iraq, before the foul stench of America descended upon the land. Remember last year when “civil war” became a Democratic talking point and people like Murtha assured us we were stuck in the middle of an ancient, intractable, and practically inevitable intrafaith conflict? All lies, apparently. Judging from this, the Sunni/Shiite tensions date to approximately April 2003. So I take it back: there is new information here.

No mention whatsoever of any change in Anbar province either, of course. Click the image to watch.


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