Air America source: Randi Rhodes was attacked -- but it wasn't a hate crime

Let’s see. We’ve got her lawyer saying she fell down, the cops claiming there’s been no report of any crime in the area, the AAR host who accused conservatives of having attacked her now in full retreat — and a lone anonymous source within AAR telling Fox News that yeah, something’s up. But:

An Air America employee, who was not authorized to speak to the media and declined to be identified, told Tuesday afternoon that Rhodes had been attacked, but said “it was not a hate crime.”

The source said that Rhodes contacted several employees at Air America on Tuesday, and had told them that she was attacked but had only suffered chipped teeth, and would be seeing a dentist. [Rhodes’s lawyer, Robert] Gaulin, however, said that Rhodes had been disoriented by the fall and really was not sure what had happened.

Brian Maloney thinks there must be more to this than meets the eye (“The big question, one that is buzzing around the radio industry: was this all a big stunt?”), but I’m skeptical. Your exit question, then: Is this a deliberate attempt by the anonymous AAR employee to save a little face for the organization in the wake of debacle by claiming that the original story was sort of true, even if no right-winger was at fault? Or is he simply the victim of bad info from an obviously woozy Rhodes? And, follow-up question: How hard did Rhodes fall that it left her imagining afterwards that she’d been attacked?

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