Video: Rush Limbaugh on Reid's letter, Media Matters, and the left's "phony soldiers" smear

It’s red meat for breakfast! No sacred leftist cow goes unslaughtered; Steve Doocy, bless his heart, even finds a way to drag Gen. Sanchez’s speech into it. Your takeaway line: “If Media Matters went out of business, MSNBC primetime would have to go dark.” Which isn’t precisely true — scan the latest well sourced recap at Olby Watch and you’ll see that our favorite bottom-feeder also relies heavily on Think Progress, an offshoot of another project started by a Clintonite. But it’s true enough.

The clip is in two parts. The bidding, meanwhile, currently stands at a shade over $50,000.

Update: Following their leftist instincts, DU is trying to get the auction shut down.

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Jazz Shaw 7:31 PM on October 02, 2022