Video: Rudy's not really a conservative, says Fred; Update: Fred's all talk, says Rudy

As I said, it’s officially on. Boy, is it ever. Your takeaway line: “Some think that the best way to beat the Democrats is to be more like ’em.” That’s good advice circa 1980, after a Democratic administration had spent four years alienating the center; circa 2007, when it’s a Republican administration that’s done the alienating, I’m not so sure.

The basic truth of it is indisputable, though. Some people do indeed think the best way to beat Democrats is to be more like them. A lot more.

Update: Rudy returns fire. Conservative civil war!

Giuliani spokeswoman Maria Comella tells First Read that the former New York mayor “is the only candidate who does more than just talk about the importance of Republican principles — he actually has the track record to back it up. It’s easy to throw around meaningless rhetoric, but quite another thing to stand up to a Democratic majority and successfully cut taxes, control spending, and reform welfare.”