Coulter-haters: Pelt her with bagels, win $1,000

Time for another round of one side cherry-picking the worst excesses of the dregs from the other and turning it into an emblem of the whole (most recently with that Red State commenter vis-a-vis Graeme Frost). I’ll spare the left that unfairness with this. Less interesting to me than the fact that some douchebag would think of it is that certain others might promote it. Case in point. Keep an eye on Technorati to see who else thinks a few bagels to the face qualifies as substantive dissent these days.

The comments over there are mixed but this warrants quoting: “If someone was to go up to her and horrifically scar her from head to toe she would still be alive, so it wouldn’t be that bad. If the bitch gets hit by bagels because she ENRAGED PEOPLE TO THE POINT OF SETTING UP A BOUNTY ON HER HEAD, maybe the bitch needs to be pelted with bagels.”

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