Ramzi Yousef converts to Christianity?

And here I thought Mark Sanford’s profession of devotion was going to be the biggest of the day.

Robert Hood, [Supermax] warden from 2002 to 2005, says Yousef was a special case. He never left his cell because he did not want to face the indignity of a strip search required for recreation. “He has that Charlie Manson look,” says Hood of Yousef. “He has some charisma about him. He’s in [prison] uniform, but you know that there’s a powerful person you’re looking at,” Hood says. Told that Yousef has begun leaving his cell and now claims to be a Christian, Hood says, “He’s playing a game with someone. If he’s doing that, he’s doing it for the reaction….He is the real deal,” he tells Pelley. As a Muslim, Yousef prayed almost every hour, remembers Hood.

Why would he claim to be a Christian if he’s not? Yeah, it might get him out of his cell a little more often but it’s a tremendous propaganda defeat for the jihad. If he’s still secretly the Islamist killbot we know him to be, it’s hard to believe he’d lie about that for any reason let alone for some marginal recreation time.

Here’s a nice passage, too. It seems like almost every time a terror plot unravels in Europe, one or more of the members turns out to have been on the dole. Hirsi Ali mentions that explicitly in the Reason interview I linked earlier, about how Theo Van Gogh’s killer could spend his time plotting murder because the European welfare wagon left him with plenty of free time. Bad habits die hard, or don’t die at all — even in Supermax:

Pelley also speaks with a corrections officer inside ADX-Florence, who tells him what she heard on 9/11 after terrorist prisoners saw the destruction on their televisions. “We had a lot of them jump up and down. …scream and yell and clap and they were very excited,” says Barbara Batulis, who heads the prison’s staff union. She also characterizes the Muslim extremists as needy. “They want more than what they have coming,” she says. “They want extra toilet paper…writing paper…extra envelopes and if you can’t give them, they want to see a supervisor right then and there.”

I’ll never get over their sense of entitlement vis-a-vis a culture they despise and are working to destroy. Pride alone, if nothing else, should lead them to ask for nothing and accept nothing from the infidel.

Exit question: Which denomination does Yousef belong to now? I wonder.