Is this the Cleveland high school shooter's MySpace page? Update: Hoax (bumped)

There’s only one blog entry and it’s conspicuously ominous, as is one of the photos. I don’t think that’s him in the photo, either; according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, he had “wavy brown hair.” Smells like a hoax set up yesterday afternoon, but that all depends on whether it’s possible to backdate MySpace blog posts. Anyone know if it is? If not, then I guess this was his suicide note.

Incidentally, the reader who sent this to me points to Coon’s atheism — notably the fact that he’d allegedly been beaten up at school for saying “f*** God” — as proof that a “lack of a belief in God was a contributor in yet another school shooting.” Read the Plain-Dealer article at the link I provided and you’ll see there were a lot of compelling contributing factors here, but since we’re now blaming belief systems for alienated wackos from poor, broken homes occasionally getting violent, let me say (a) on behalf of all atheists everywhere, I’m really, really sorry, and (b) the next time a practicing Christian does something violent, I’ll be sure to point it out and apportion blame appropriately.

Exit quotation: “I don’t know what I was thinking. I didn’t want him to shoot me.”

Update: Looks like you can indeed backdate MySpace posts. The page is a fake.

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