Steynian nightmare: 1 out of 7 Brits reluctant to have kids because of terror

Low birthrates in Europe help to Islamify the continent, which increases the risk of jihadist terror — which drives down birthrates! It’s a vicious circle ripped from the darkest pages of “America Alone”:

One in seven adults are telling their partners: “Not tonight dear, I’m terrified of terrorism”.

As much as 15 per cent of adults is reluctant to have children and 27 per cent less inclined to plan for the future because of world troubles, according to a survey published today.

Terrorism is people’s greatest fear – 70 per cent say they are most worried about that, while immigration worries 58 per cent of people.

I thought fear of terror was supposed to have the opposite effect. No matter. The bad news: terrorism appears to be cowing the west into almost literal impotence. The good news: beta males suddenly have a foolproof new excuse as to why they can’t get action. Unless they live in New York, of course, in which case there’s no excuse at all.

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