Shock: Rudy to address religious right at Value Voters Summit? Update: Confirmed?

David Brody says it’s happening. Rudy’s the only Republican candidate who hasn’t committed but between Fred’s big debate debut tomorrow night and all the threats from Dobson lately about social cons going third-party if he’s the nominee, I guess he figures he can’t afford a snub this big this week. Worst case scenario: he earns a bit of respect by showing them he’s willing to stand in there and endure some awkward moments. Which is exactly what he and the rest of the field should have done at the BET debate at Morgan State a few weeks ago, but oh well.

I’m sure his own speech will be uneventful and he’ll ramble on about strict constructionist judges, etc. More interesting will be who’s in the audience: namely, James Dobson, who’ll not only get his own turn at the podium but is the guest of honor at a gala dinner on Saturday night. Will Rudy and Judi attend? Heh.

Update: Brody updates to say it’s a done deal. Rudy’s in.

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David Strom 8:41 PM on March 20, 2023