Ad wars: Obama targets Hillary, Hillary targets Rudy

If you didn’t know where they were respectively in the polls, this would tell you. The Messiah may have been anti-war before being anti-war was cool but between Wes Clark endorsing her and Jon Soltz talking her up on Hardball it’s Hillary who’s had the most high-profile support from the military. Obama counters here with an impressive get: Merrill McPeak, who used to be Air Force chief of staff and supported Dole in ’96 and Dubya in ’00 before souring on Iraq and becoming a Deaniac. (A lot of Deaniacs are sweet on Obama, in fact.)

Up 30 points, Hillary can choose to ignore the war for now and focus on her prized domestic initiative. The key scene in the clip below is the one of her at Ground Zero, mask in place, a tacit reminder that America’s mayor isn’t the only one who put in time down there and also a preview of a key line of attack to knock his 9/11 halo off if he makes it to the general election. Looks like she’s betting that he will. I’m starting to think that’s a solid bet.

Exit question: How sweet is it that Michael O’Hanlon, scourge of the nutroots for his recent optimism about the surge, just signed on as a foreign policy advisor to the almost certain eventual Democratic nominee?