Video: New York governor gets his very own fake Mexican ID

Sad that it took CNN to think of this but take it where you can get it. Spitzer’s defenders are mystified by the uproar. What’s wrong with letting illegals drive? Answer: nothing, if you don’t mind state governments aiding and abetting violations of federal law by granting privileges that lend the imprimatur of state authority to illegals’ presence in the United States and make it easier for them to find work. The crux of the argument is that driver’s licenses shouldn’t be used as proof of citizenship, legal residency, or ID, the way they are now; those tasks should be handled by an independent national ID card, which would let the driver’s license be relegated to what it is — a simple license to drive. All of which is super keen, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon and may not happen at all if libertarians can carry the day. If amnesty fans are so hot to have illegals on the roads, how about waiting until that national ID is in place to do it? Especially given how comically easy it is to fake the documents needed for licenses now, as you’re about to see.

Spitzer’s been droning on about the “politics of fear” and his own glimmering moral superiority in trying to document the undocumented but his own party is starting to get nervous. One Republican assemblyman claims that you can’t legally give licenses to people who don’t have Social Security numbers and is planning to sue to enforce that fact. Your quote of the day: “We’re not only dealing with an illegal alien problem, we’re dealing with an illegal Eliot problem.” Click the image to watch.

Update: Bring the whole family! Licenses for everyone!


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