"Amnesty Mel" Martinez to step down as RNC chairman

Sometime early next year, ostensibly so that he can pass the baton to whoever ends up as the GOP nominee but probably because his position on the issue for which he’s most famous doesn’t exactly set the grassroots scurrying for their checkbooks. His approval rating in Florida, incidentally, went from 50% in January down the toilet to 38% in July. I wonder why.

Exit question: Replacements? Hotline says SC GOP chair Katon Dawson is angling for the job but South Carolina’s already as red as they come. The party needs a capable manager with enough personal appeal to fundraise effectively and who hails from the midwest or northeast to add a little national flavor to the GOP’s image. I know just the guy — but unfortunately he’s otherwise occupied at the moment.

Since we can’t get him, how about Jim Brossard?