Are you ready for clothing made out of human skin?

It’s cheap, it’s conservationist, the material “breathes” (literally!), and just think of the lives that’ll be saved now that serial killers don’t have to make their own dresses.

No, just kidding. The good news is, it only looks like real human skin. The bad news is … it looks like real human skin.

Conceived by French designer Olivier Goulet, these curiously familiar clothing items and accessories first attract by their unique look & feel, then repulse when their calculated resemblance to human skin is noted, then attract once again when it is realized that they are indeed crafted from synthetic materials…

SkinBag’s clothing and accessories come in a variety of colors and “scarifications” that give their surfaces extra texture. Some of the items are even marked in the fashion of tattoos!

Olivier Goulet seems to have made a conscious effort to copy certain aspects of traditional leatherwork that try to use the original form of the animal when creating a finished piece. Therefore, SkinBag sells sacks and pouches that startlingly resemble cured scrotums and breasts!

Christmas is right around the corner, boys. This year, get her the gift that says, “I love you — and I’m deeply disturbed.”

Exit question: Hoax or not? I’m saying hoax.