Oct 2017

The story changes yet again

It’s not a hate crime. It’s a violent crime.

Still holds most of the cards

Is there any chance this guy is innocent?

Follow the data

Sep 2017

But you already knew that

“she did not want to raise a freak.”

Aug 2017

Run for your life

Why worry about that?

The old ways which worked clearly didn’t work?

“When we determined these remains were human, I was shocked.”

Good while it lasted

Jul 2017

Probably not but it’s a nice idea

“the O.J. obsession lives on, as well as the debate over who killed Nicole Brown and Goldman.”

“set the Middle East ablaze.”

“Nobody has ever accused me of pulling any weapon on them.”

Jun 2017
May 2017

When is a child no longer a child?

The bad news is that there is no good news

“For those accusing me of pushing a conspiracy theory, you are the biggest phony hypocrites in the world.”

You got what you asked for

The crisis hits home in America

But of course…

The end of the legal road

Better late than never?

Apr 2017

Justice, at least for now

You don’t want *all* your statistics going up

The beast is already out of the cage

BOLO: Five-state manhunt for Facebook thrill killer

Ed Morrissey Apr 17, 2017 10:01 AM

Recalling the man we lost.

If you won’t do your job we’ll find somebody who will

Mar 2017

“An atmosphere of hate has been created…”

Not really doing her job

Feb 2017

This is not a joke. Or if it is, it’s a really bad one

Jan 2017

“None of this is classified, Mr. Tillerson. These people are dead.”

Dec 2016

It wasn’t a merry Christmas in Chicago

Jazz Shaw Dec 26, 2016 8:01 AM

Ho ho homicide

Who could have seen this coming?