“No!” Muhammad waves a finger in the air sharply, and pauses to compose himself. “People are getting killed in Gaza and he’s not going to the United Nations, he’s not doing anything…. Many people are afraid of the PA [Palestinian Authority] even if it says it’s with the resistance. All its statements are deceptions.”

Almost two months after the abduction of the three Israeli teenagers, the war in Gaza appears to be nearing its end. A 72-hour Egypt-brokered cease-fire began this morning, as Israel pulled the last of its troops out of the Gaza Strip.

Now comes the spin game: Hamas will no doubt tout its success. It has withstood some Israeli leaders’ calls to eliminate the movement i the Gaza Strip, fired thousands of rockets into Israel, and proved a far deadlier opponent for the Israeli military than in previous conflicts. Its popularity is also surging in the West Bank, a fact admitted by Palestinian leaders with no love for the Islamist movement, and confirmed by public opinion polls.