Democrats, always on the lookout for an opportunity to swell the dependency rolls, turn a blind eye to this invasion; their main interest is in normalizing the status of illegals as quickly as possible. Republicans, apparently determined to live up to the caricature of being unable to tell one brown Spanish-speaking person from another, are in a panic that they will lose the Hispanic vote unless they turn a blind eye to what is not only systematic lawlessness but an all-out assault on the sovereignty of the country. Little wonder, then, that federal plans to relocate illegals have been met with vigorous and sometimes rowdy protests by locals.

There is perhaps no one who appreciates the meaning of a border better than an illegal immigrant. The line that divides the United States from what is south of it is the most significant demarcation in their lives. And while it is no argument for failing to enforce the law, one cannot blame those who are willing to risk and endure so much to escape life in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, etc. But we can blame those who fail to enforce the law. We can blame the Obama administration and corrupt law-enforcement officials for actively subverting the law. And we can certainly blame businessmen who encourage chaos, violence, and human trafficking in the service of their own narrow and slightly pathetic interests: Surely, busboys and dishwashers are not so scarce in South Carolina that one must effectively get into bed with the cartels in order to get the tables cleared.