Make no mistake: President Obama has instigated this crisis — a two-fer that advances the project of remaking the country while crowding the IRS, the VA, Benghazi, Bergdahl, the Taliban, ISIS, Hamas, the EPA, Obamacare, Ukraine, and other debacles out of the public’s finite attention span. The invasion was invited by a systematic campaign to gut the immigration laws.

As Faithless Execution relates, that campaign has included punishing states that attempt to police illegal immigration. Obama’s Justice Department unabashedly contended in court that it was immaterial whether state enforcement practices conformed to congressional statutes; what mattered was whether the state was in violation of Obama’s immigration policy — i.e., the policy of non-enforcement. If not, state self-defense measures had to be invalidated.

In addition, when Congress, prodded by intense public opposition to Obama’s agenda, declined to legislate amnesty for various categories of illegal aliens, the president unilaterally and unconstitutionally decreed this amnesty — also presuming to confer benefits like work permits and “unlawful presence waivers.” Further, while padding statistics to create the illusion of significant deportation activity, the administration contorted the doctrine of prosecutorial discretion into a rationale for dropping pending criminal cases, and otherwise declining prosecution, against thousands of illegal-alien felons, who have been loosed on our streets.