“Uncle Joe … yeah. That’s what we lovingly call him,” she said. “He’s our uncle. I look at it from a familial term. Like he’s part of the family, you know.”

Lemus says Biden’s been a good adviser to the president. But she admits that as a potential candidate, Biden just isn’t resonating with her.

“Maybe sometimes if it’s too familiar, you kind of overlook it even if it is the right person,” she said.

That’s not the case for Rick Massell. He says there are many reasons why Biden shouldn’t be the party’s nominee in 2016.

The main reason? Too many gaffes, he says.

“Maybe I’m being too hard on the guy, maybe it does make him more human and maybe we should have someone that is more human, but he also misspeaks a lot. I don’t know if you can ever overcome that,” said Massell.