Joe Scarborough: “Marco Rubio. Love Marco. Known him for a long time. He was a good Speaker of the House (in Florida). He’s not ready to be president any more than Barack Obama was ready to be president. Barack Obama was up in the Senate for a couple years, started running for president. He wasn’t ready to be president and we’re still paying for that still five years later. He doesn’t know how Washington works. Marco Rubio has been there a couple of years. I really am hoping he doesn’t get drawn into it in 2016. I hope he’s saying I want to be mentioned in 2016 but he’ll run in 2020. He’ll be a much better president if so.”

Joe Scarborough: “Rand Paul. Listen, I love Rand. I loved his father. I served with his father. I’m more of a Libertarian on economic issues. On foreign policy, I’m a non-interventionist so I agree with him there. He’s not ready to be president and he’s not going to appeal to those swing voters I’m talking about.”