After speaking with Rubio, Brown told POLITICO that the senator “convinced me of his sincerity about trying to do something.” But the talker said he personally remained unconvinced that the Gang of Eight’s bill is the answer to fixing the country’s illegal immigration problem.

“First and foremost, let’s secure the border. It’s a national security issue. Do that first,” he said. “And you know what? Then, say to the Democrats, you know, let’s do this first, it’s what the American people want, and then we’ll go into the rest of it.”

Like Brown, Talk Radio Network’s Humphries praised Rubio — “I like him personally, I think he’s a sharp guy,” the host said — but said the senator’s Thursday pitch wasn’t enough to earn his support for the legislation. And again, Humphries reiterated what his fellow conservative talkers said: Border security must be priority No. 1, and there can be no amnesty.