Not one of those amnesties was associated with a decline in illegal immigration. On the contrary, the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. has tripled since President Reagan signed the first amnesty in 1986. The total effect of the amnesties was even larger because relatives later joined amnesty recipients, and this number was multiplied by an unknown number of children born to amnesty recipients who then acquired automatic US citizenship.

Obama’s amnesty-by-executive order will produce more of the same.

Better Get Out The Vote efforts and data-mining by Republicans won’t solve the root causes of new generations of Democrats’ collective alienation from a common civic culture, core American values, and the sanctity of individual rights over the collective.

Left-wing academics and activists spurned assimilation as a common goal long ago. Their fidelity lies with bilingualism (a euphemism for native language maintenance over English-first instruction), identity politics, ethnic militancy, extreme multiculturalism, and a borderless continent.