Nicolas Maduro
Apr 2017

Bowing to international pressure… for now

Mar 2017

“It constitutes a rupture of the constitutional order.”

“This ruling marks a point of no return for this dictatorship.”

“It’s unbelievable that this is happening in an oil producing country.”

Not a solution, but at least a start

Forget about Alice B. Toklas.

“Try to preserve food waste so that people who eat out of garbage cans can praise the Lord.”

Feb 2017

“There’s a terror campaign here.”

Watch closely. This is how socialism always ends

U.S. sanctions Venezuelan VP for drug trafficking

John Sexton Feb 13, 2017 9:01 PM

“El Aissami facilitated shipments of narcotics from Venezuela…”

Jan 2017

Socialism works! Venezuela a nation of millionaires

John Sexton Jan 18, 2017 9:01 PM

“There’s going to come a time when they’re going to run out of space on the bill for all those zeros.”

“They know they’ve lost popular support, that they don’t have the people on their side.”

Circling the drain

Dec 2016

“It’s a disaster.”

It couldn’t be your worthless money and starving citizens. Of course not.

Plus: Grinch or Robin Hood?

“…worse than the Grinch.”

“the women come here with little kids and after cutting their hair they go buy food.”

“A brick-sized package of 1,000 of the smallest bill, a two-bolivar note, buys a loaf of sandwich bread.”

Nov 2016

Meanwhile in Venezuela, a new diaspora begins

Jazz Shaw Nov 26, 2016 10:01 AM

Seeking food and freedom

“The Venezuelan state has paralyzed the national industry…”

Beware the revolution.

Not the sort of “stability” we need

Oct 2016

Sorry, but the guy you’re trying to impeach already overruled you

“The fact that lawmakers elected by 7.5 million people were silenced by 300 thugs sums up the situation…”

“This measure makes it difficult to think of Venezuela as a democracy.”

“This situation is vastly deteriorating.”

The Prize for Peace and Sovereignty goes to…

Jazz Shaw Oct 12, 2016 9:31 AM

No, seriously. We’re not evening kidding here. But when you consider the source…

This is most assuredly not what democracy looks like

Can you hear me now? Socialism isn’t cool, dude

“The government has refused to let in humanitarian aid.”

Sep 2016

“It’s just a testament to how badly the country is being managed.”

“The more they delay, the angrier we get.”

If you didn’t want to eat all the time we wouldn’t have these problems

“Mr Maduro is seen jogging through a crowd as residents loudly bang on pots and hurl obscenities.”

Banging empty pots at the well fed president

“We are going to bring down Maduro!”

Aug 2016

A toxic mix

“The government of President Barack Hussein Obama, in his last years, seeks the instability of Venezuela…”

“…the police asked for $10,000 from the couple to avoid legal trouble.”

Video: Lessons from Venezuela

John Sexton Aug 09, 2016 9:41 PM

“…people were not educated in the principles of freedom and they vote for whoever promises more.”

Venezuela’s hunger for change

John Sexton Aug 05, 2016 8:41 PM

“Venezuela is starting to show signs of the kind of poverty we see in other continents.”

Jul 2016

The Maduro diet.