Apr 2015

ADP: Private-sector job growth of 189,000 in March

Ed Morrissey Apr 01, 2015 6:01 PM


Mar 2015

Your wages may not go up if your employer shuts down

Feb 2015

Slash and don’t burn

USA Today: Override this indefensible Keystone veto

Ed Morrissey Feb 25, 2015 4:01 PM

A useful marker for extremism.

“We cannot kill our way out of this war.”

Video: Obama prepares to veto Keystone … in private

Ed Morrissey Feb 09, 2015 12:01 PM


Jan 2015
Dec 2014

Unexpectedly meh?

Oct 2014

Lowest participation rate since February 1978

Sep 2014

Another Dem cut & paste scandal?

Small-business hiring cools?

Aug 2014

About those “jobs Americans won’t do”

Jazz Shaw Aug 24, 2014 5:01 PM

Dirty deeds

Several years older and deeper in debt.

Government work.

Jul 2014

Rebound: Q2 GDP hits 4%

Ed Morrissey Jul 30, 2014 10:01 AM

ADP: Economy added 218,000 jobs in July.


Land of Lincoln

Jun 2014

“The thing that’s amazing is that people have been extremely honest.”

Huzzah: Obama to pivot to the economy tomorrow, again

Erika Johnsen Jun 16, 2014 4:01 PM

If you feel like you’ve read that headline before, it’s probably because you have.

Don’t hold your breath.

Come on in, the water’s fine!

North Carolina says “Yes!” to fracking

Erika Johnsen Jun 06, 2014 1:21 PM

It’s time.

Five years into “recovery.”

Lowest in four months.

That just happened.

May 2014

“When we first supported the calls for healthcare reform, we thought it was going to bring costs down.”

And meanwhile, crude-by-rail transport from Canada hits an all-time record high.

Over it.

The times, they are a-changin.’

Or any minimum wage, for that matter.

Small business to take the HIT from Obamacare

Jazz Shaw May 10, 2014 1:01 PM

Stop the HIT

So, that’s… good? I hope?

The sequester, the myth, the legend.

Chart of the Day.