Nov 2016

Socialism is suddenly less popular for some reason

France arrests 7, thwarts new plot — against Paris?

Ed Morrissey Nov 21, 2016 11:01 AM

“It is not possible to ensure zero risk despite everything we are doing.”

Oct 2016

Does Europe need its own army?

Jazz Shaw Oct 12, 2016 3:01 PM

The European Union neither wants nor needs a standing army, nor could they likely control one

Sep 2016

Thanks for your input. Now run along.

“I am attacking you in your lands in order to terrorize you”

“France is confronted with a terrorist threat of unprecedented scale.”

Aug 2016
Jul 2016

Known wolf.

“Our Constitution is great, but it doesn’t necessarily give us the right to commit suicide, okay?”

They don’t look like they’re on the run to me

“…a recent interest.”

“…they kept shooting him from all sides just to be sure.”

CBS: Nice terrorist not quite a known wolf, but …

Ed Morrissey Jul 15, 2016 8:41 AM

Why France again?

Newt: Deport Muslims in America who fail Shariah test

Larry O'Connor Jul 15, 2016 8:01 AM

“Let me be as blunt and direct as I can be…”

Another terror attack.

Jun 2016

Spring into what?

French union protests turn violent, 58 arrested

John Sexton Jun 14, 2016 10:41 PM

One day after a terrorist murdered a French police commander and his partner.

Calling them out

May 2016

Is it time for an American Foreign Legion?

Jazz Shaw May 23, 2016 12:41 PM

Vive la … ‘Murica?

“It’s not conclusive, but it’s suggestive.”

Another Egyptair plane goes down near Egypt

Jazz Shaw May 19, 2016 8:01 AM

All contact lost, no distress signal sent

“I will not give in.”

Mysteries and wonders

Apr 2016
Mar 2016

Attacking the problem from the wrong direction

NY Times Op-Ed: Europe has been living in a dream

John Sexton Mar 24, 2016 6:41 PM

Wake-up call.

Feb 2016

Packing heat

Fed up

Jan 2016


Dec 2015

Vive France.

Unusual prayer beads ya got there…

Vive la République!

“Abaaoud came up all the time.“

Nov 2015

France to Russia: Target only ISIS

Ed Morrissey Nov 30, 2015 6:41 PM

Paris attack suspect back in Syria?

“We will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.”

Hiding in plain sight?

New boss, not the same as the old boss

Hey, it’s not like this is a war against western civilization or something