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Aug 2017

Forget Latin. English is the new dead language

Jazz Shaw Aug 12, 2017 8:31 PM

Sup, bro?

Jul 2016

Flee the state while you still can

Jun 2016

It’s just words

Sep 2015

A bit more on that “multiculturalism” thing

Jazz Shaw Sep 23, 2015 8:01 PM

Yo quiero steak and potatoes, pal

“That’s the reality of America, that’s the goodness of America. That’s the kind of America we want.”

Jun 2015

Teacher: Get Shakespeare out of the classroom

Matt Vespa Jun 17, 2015 5:21 PM


Feb 2014

Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Feb 03, 2014 10:41 PM


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