Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Sep 2018

Just dump it already

Aug 2018

Just admit it. The CFPB is a slush fund.

Jul 2018

Bye, Felicia.

Jan 2018

“No thanks… we’re good”

Dec 2017

Making it up as they went along

Aug 2017

Why is Richard Cordray still at CFPB?

Jazz Shaw Aug 17, 2017 10:41 AM

Another Obama holdover embedded in the system

Jul 2017

Obama leftovers

Feb 2017

Hillary wasn’t the only one

“…would effectively allow Trump to dictate the direction of the CFPB”

Nov 2016

It’s a bit one sided, don’t you think?

Oct 2016

“…a far greater threat to individual liberty”

Feb 2016

Betrayed by her own people… so sad

“I…I don’t think so,”

Jun 2014
Jul 2013

I mentioned last night that the Senate finally went ahead and confirmed Richard Cordray as the director of the Consumer …