Mexican Intelligence: Hugo Chavez equips and funds the Pemex pipeline bombers

So I go through the Peruvian papers to try to follow up on this odd little item, and what do I see but a report originating with Mexican intelligence about who’s behind the Sep. 10 pipeline Pemex bombings in Veracruz (which I wrote about here).

You could knock me over with a straw:

The subversive group, the Revolutionary Popular Army (EPR), that claimed responsibility yesterday the attacks against six gas pipelines of state-owned Mexican Petroleum (PEMEX), is financed by the government of Hugo Chavez, according to a press report based on the Mexican intelligence service.

The EPR is financed by the government of Venezuela through the “Mexican Movement Bolivariano” (MMB), according to a report of the daily Rumbo de Mexico, based on reports of the intelligence agencies of the Federal Government.

The media published, several weeks ago, a note titled “the Networks of Hugo Chavez in Mexico”, in which it details that, from 2001, a base for [?] armed and subversive groups was formed. The EPR is indicated to be likely the most important, because it has received material, armament, and economic support .

In the 2005, the agents discovered a container secured in the port of Veracruz that contained several hundred AK-47s, which were sent by means of a triangulation through different countries, whose adressees were in fact under orders of the EPR. They also noted an entrance of armaments through the border with Guatemala, that was distributed between the cells of the EPR of Veracruz, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoacán, Hidalgo, state of Mexico and the Federal District.

In addition, that same year an activist of the “Bolivarian Continental Coordinator” – one of whose cells is the MMB-, Alondra Durán Oviedo, was stopped in Canada by intelligence agents. In her suitcase they found documents of the EPR, of the FARC, the Zapatista National Liberation Army, and of the Bolivarian Army as well as guerrilla manuals and instructions for the manufacture of homemade explosive devices.

Translation’s my own with a little backup from Google; help me out if you see any errors. The Rumbo de Mexico article they reference is here, and there’s more (in English) about Chavez’s attempts to subvert Mexico (and Canada! How about that?) in this 2005 article at VCrisis.

Hmm. Arms being smuggled into Mexico over their southern border? Sounds like they should look into some sort of fence…