Patent Office: "EvilChristians"=Trademark; "Islamic Rage Boy"=No Trademark

You folks remember “Islamic Rage Boy“, yes? Potfry and Buckley F. Williams are the bloggers (at The Nose on Your Face) who first distilled the wild-eyed wire-service photos of professional Kashmiri protestor Shakeel Bhat into the ultimate cariacature of militant Islamism. A cariacature so spot-on that it even provoked CAIR frump-in-chief Ibrahim Hooper to debate Potfry on BBC radio. They decided to protect their intellectual property, so in addition to a copyright, they decided to apply to have the image trademarked as well.

The patent office told them no, because IRB is “disparaging”. And as is meet, right, and the bounden duty of any conservative humor blogger confronted with government bureuacracy, Potfry fisked the Patent Office’s rejection. Sample? Sure–under fair use, of course:

Indeed, Al-Qaeda’s second in command Ayman al-Zawahri threatened Americans by stating “You are facing the Islamic rage“ (if you insist on making our points for us, the least you could do is approve the trademark.). Here, applicant’s mark essentially creates that very offensive image of grouping all Muslims as terrorists (are you responding to our request for the trademark of “Islamic Rage Boy” or the lesser known “Islamic ‘Every Single Muslim Is A Bloodthirsty Killer’ Rage Boy”? Because we withdrew that one last year.). Indeed (again with the “indeed”, I think you might be hearing from Glenn Reynolds’ attorney.) there are millions of Muslims the world over who are living peaceful lives and have a great love of their religion (and there are a great many people – Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus et al- who are no longer living because of the fascist beliefs and murderous acts of Muslim extremists. Tell me again why we can’t make fun of them?). Accordingly, it is wholly inaccurate and offensive to label all male Muslims as being extremists (Fair enough, but based on my experience so far it seems perfectly reasonable to label all patent attorneys “politically-correct, mincing douchebags”) .

Now, I’m not a patent lawyer, and I don’t know whether the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office did its job right or not.

All I know is that it’s kind of funny that “Islamic Rage Boy” gets pooped on by the PC police for being “disparaging”, but “EVILCHRISTIANS” is a registered trademark, defended by the might of the United States Government.

You can search the database of the USPTO here to see what other trademarks they’ve granted. (Note–granted; many of the items in the database are unsuccessful or pending applications. Check the “TARR” history to see the status of each application.) I found EvilChristians in two minutes. So, Exit Question: What else will the blogosphere uncover there?

UPDATE: Allahpundit will be pleased to learn that the “Jew Watch” moron who infests You Tube got his trademark application rejected. Good call.

MORE: An initial refusal for “Sudden Jihad Syndrome”, filed by a counter-terrorist training company in McLean, VA, though in this case the grounds for refusal are that the term is merely “descriptive”. Robert Spencer’s “Jihad Watch” was approved.