VRWC Memo: Silky PonyPink Sapphire Sweaty Pretzel to become Diesel Jockey



Many of you have brought to our attention Sweaty Pretzel’s newest foray into nanny-state meddling, asking Americans to give up their SUVs. Delicious, in light of this item, detailing Sen. Edwards’ own love of big, man-sized, fuel-gargling trucks, even as he brags about using a hybrid SUV:

Edwards, happy to promote his energy-efficient Escape, also still owns a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica midsize SUV and a 1994 GMC truck, according to state vehicle registration records.

Campaign spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield said the Edwardses, who have two small children, use the Pacifica when they need more than two seat belts in the back, and the truck when they need to move furniture or haul something.

Well, I guess they don’t lack for garage space.

Minions, please adjust your rhetoric to reflect this change in sobriquet. The VRWC has spoken.

Yours conspiratorially,


Zombie Reagan
VRWC Conspirator in Chief

P.S. By demanding that every bullet and tank in our supply chain be completely American-made, making them more expensive, does Diesel Jockey realize he’s either calling for a massive bump in defense expenditures–or a less-prepared military?

UPDATE: Those poor people Diesel Jockey loves so much are disappearing! Darn you, George Bush!

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