Sarko cruises, Socialist loses!

I know, it’s hard to get that excited about French politics. And when I say the “pro-American” candidate won…well, the more pro-america candidate won.* How’s that? But come on, people, France chose–by a pretty “comfortable margin”— law and order and, if not a firm American alliance, a modestly pro-Western alliance in the War on Terror over appeasement. And they rejected a warmed-over 1968 hippie who makes London’s Red Ken look like Strom Thurmond. Let’s give them some credit.

Segolene Royal**, Sarkozy’s defeated opponent, has–promised? predicted? threatened?—violence should the Right win. It’s already started, as you can see from this slide show, and we may be in for an interesting evening. I’ll bump and update if stuff starts really blowing up. So since I anticipate lots of pictures of filthy anarchists getting truncheoned into the pee-reeking gutters, let’s put up something pleasant for now. In the fine blogospheric tradition of posting attractive women backing the pro-freedom candidates in elections around the world, I’ll give you a tres chic Sarkozy backer:


Vive la France!

EXIT QUESTION: As asked in headline of this incoherent leftist Dutch paper: “How far will the New York Times go to get a neo-con elected in France?”


* For what it’s worth, his wife wears cowboy boots. So that’s something.
** Because they are in the metric system. In America, she is known as “Segolene Quarter-Pounder”.