MacArthur Park Video Heart-Ache: Fox News Crew Roughed Up By LAPD

Los Angeles blog LAist sends along this video of a local Fox News reporter and camera operator getting egregiously shoved and whomped by the LAPD while covering the Macarthur Park violence.

Note the eyewitness interview at about one minute in. She says

“It’s a group of young guys that started provoking the police, and then it became mob psychology where everybody just followed to go see what was happening”.

If you follow the link to LAist, you’ll see a video at the top by an activist/blogger calling himself “GameJew” who is too cool to wear a shirt under his red overalls. The language is very rough, it’s ten minutes long, and I don’t recommend it to those who haven’t built up a tolerance for hard-core anarcho-moonbat crazitude. If you are so inclined, though, that’s some sweet BDS.

He interviews all sorts of “casual bystanders”–some of whom wear black-bloc urban warrior gear, and all of whom spout hilarious whiny retro-Marxist analysis on cue. His own voiceover accuses the police of creating the situation because “it’s a natural reaction to want to stand off with them, and they create that”.* And then just to complete the stereotype, he closes out the video with some old-school-Commie Woody Guthrie licks.

Basically GameJew is trying to make this into Kent State, as if the cops just showed up and started firing rubber bullets into crowds of kids and grannies just for gits and shiggles. Well, while the LAPD isn’t covered with glory here, I think the lady in the Fox video who says there were young men provoking the police suggests it’s a smidge less black and white than Hot to Trotsky here is spinning it.

UPDATE: Commenter bbz123 reminds me of some important background at Ace’s that might shed some light on the “provocation”. Here’s a (carefully hidden in the MSM) hint: “Rocks and bottles“.

*Just like we made Al Qaeda attack us on Sept 11 through our aggressive posture, except of course that they didn’t actually do it and it was BOOSH. But if they had, we would have ma…Dude! Don’t bogart the kind bud! What do you mean, “we abolished private property, remember?”