London Fertilizer Bombers: GUILTY. (w/ gigantic slo-mo explosion video link)

I can’t keep track of all the plots anymore. Originally I thought these were the guys who (allegedly) attempted–and buggered up–the copycat train bombing shortly after the 7/7 London bombing. Nope. These five guys were going to set off a McVeigh-style fertilizer bomb in the Bluewater shopping mall in Kent. And if you’re curious what their bomb design would have done, check out the FBI demonstration in the Telegraph’s video.

A secondary target was central London’s Ministry of Sound nightclub, where one of the plotters, Jawad Akbar, suggested getting a security-guard job. Akbar had broken up with his Sikh girlfriend and seemed to have taken a rather Puritanical swing–the cops recorded him (listen to the video) discussing the subject and exclaiming that “no now can turn round and say, ‘oh, they were innocent’, all those slags dancing around. Where every Tom, Dick, and Harry goes on Saturday night, yeah.”

This being a high-class operation, I will refrain from that all-too-obvious prison joke suggested by Mr. Akbar’s words and skip to three points you might have overlooked:

1. They’re lucky to have gotten a conviction, I think, because the ringleader’s ties to Al-Qaeda and specifically to the mastermind of the 7/7 Tube bombings weren’t admitted into evidence. Too prejudicial, ruled the judge.

2. Not only was the leader involved in Al-Qaeda, he was also involved in a banned group—since resurrected under a different name and banned again–that AllahPundit and Rusty at the Jawa Report talk about quite often: Al-Muhajiroun, darling of Allah’s little terror-supporting buddy Abu Izzadeen.

Oh, and one of them got religion at the Finsbury Park mosque, under former nightclub bouncer Abu “Hooky” Hamza.

3. Among the profiles of the bombers, do have a look at self-styled pretty boy Anthony Garcia:

Real name Abdulrahman Benouis he was the joker of the group and fancied himself as a male model. By his own admission, he was viewed as something of an “Ali G character” but he was also a key fund raiser for the group.

This just confirms one of my deepest prejudices: never trust a dude with a soul patch.