Telegraph Video: Taliban Ambush Goes Tragically Wrong

It goes “tragically” wrong in the same sense that Oakland pizzeria shooting was a tragedy.

Definitely read the background here, and then head over to the video–which is a series of still photos and not a continuous stream of action, but that’s all right. It’s a forthright testament to the American way of fighting the Taliban (engage them without mercy and continue until they’re dead) versus the British way (per the video narration, “striking local ceasefires in Helmand”). From the article:

Capt Staley said he had no qualms about pressing home such attacks until no one was left standing and claimed that American pilots were more effective than their British Apache counterparts, who he said flew higher and were less ruthless in finishing off their targets. “The Brits are good but they don’t have the extreme aggression that we do.”

The article says one of the dead Taliban in the raid was bigshot Mullah Najibullah. If not a big fish on the order of Abdul Hadi al Iraqi, he’s certainly a keeper, since he was part of the original Old Skool Taliban, fighting us in November 2001. According to Robert Fisk (warning–icky Counterpunch link), he was a member of the Taliban’s Foreign Ministry–in fact the consulate general of their consulate in Peshawar.

But the absolute best part of that video is listening to the British announcer mangle the name of the American helicopters unleashing all this mayhem. I was listening and caught myself wondering, “did he just say ‘Apashay’?”. And then it’s like he makes up his mind and just goes all out with uh-PAHHH-shay, and sticks with that through the rest of the video.

If those of you in Fort Sill, Oklahoma just felt a slight tremor, it’s not the artillery firing this time. It’s just the uh-PAHHH-shay chief Geronimo, revolving in his grave.