Gore Planning to Run?

The Telegraph says he’s getting together a secret team…or, more correctly, he’s allowing a team to assemble “secretly” on his behalf but not telling them not to do so.

That’s leadership.

Apparently he thinks that the endorsement of the Hollywood glitterati at the Oscars will translate into national acclimation, because America loves getting moral advice from Hollywood. He would basically be running on the notoriety generated by his environmental finger-wagging, too, so his grumpy-nerd negatives from the 2000 campaign would still be front and center. But also in his favor–and they may have a point here–his advisers suggest nobody really likes Hillary and she can’t win.

If he plans to run, he’ll probably get a lot more tactful advice like this:

James Carville, President Clinton’s former strategy chief, suggested last week that Mr Gore, who has piled on the pounds, could shed weight over the summer to make himself more media-friendly for a White House run.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost 15lb or so,” said Mr Carville. “And I think if people thought he could get us out of the mess we’re in with Iraq, they wouldn’t care how fat he is.”

Hmmm…it sounds like Gore has almost as many friends within the party as Hillary does.

Captain Ed thinks his entry into the Democratic race spells the end of Edwards and Obama’s hopes:

A Gore entry will probably prove fatal to the ambitions of Barack Obama and John Edwards. Both have run on Gore’s turf so far, and neither will outshine him with party donors desperate to find a credible alternative to Hillary Clinton. Gore has a great deal more substance than both candidates put together and will almost immediately be the chief challenger on Hillary’s left, once he formally enters the race.

I’m not so sure; Edwards at least projects empathy and Obama for all his wacky politics seems like a likeable guy you’d like to have a beer with. Gore’s more like an old bachelor high-school French teacher, and no one’s going to vote for him out of pity.