Al-Qaeda turning prisons into "terrorist academies"

Prison’s never pleasant. But imagine being cooped up with Al-Qaeda killers and Mahdi Army thugs. That’s Camp Cropper, near the Baghdad airport:

Saad Sultan, the Iraqi Human Rights Ministry’s official for prisons, said: “It looks like a terrorist academy. There’s a huge number of these ‘students’; they study how they can kill. And we protect them, feed them, give them medical care. The Americans have no solution to this problem.”

And of course I’ve no solution this problem, and it is a problem. We need to detain the bad guys and get them off the streets of Iraq. We can’t put everybody in solitary, we can’t shoot them, and we can’t let them go. Any meaningful reform or change in policy will either be attacked in the helpful, troops-supporting press as the imposition of a Sadistic New Regime of Fascist Torture, or an Attempt To Whitewash Our Sadistic Old Regime of Fascist Torture.

But it’s just not acceptable to go to war to eliminate terrorist training camps in Iraq, only to have one spring up right under our own nose.