Stack 'em, Pack 'em, and Blog 'em: Fred on Iran

Fine, he can handle radio, television, movies, and live appearances (I’ve met him, it’s like shaking hands with Mount Rushmore), but can he communicate in the most challenging medium of them all: the blogosphere?

See for yourself:

Some in the West seem part of Iran’s propaganda war; claiming that the release of the hostages was a victory that proves the Iranian dictatorship can be reasoned with. To misrepresent unpunished piracy as a victory is as Orwellian as the congressional mandate banning use of the term “the global war on terror.” What are we — Reuters?

The chatty rhetorical question is a nice touch, one you wouldn’t see in a newspaper op-ed but that’s the stock in trade of the blogosphere.

I’d be interested to see someone do a comparison of the various candidates’ and near-candidates’ attempts at blogging, maybe down the road a little after they all have a few more tries at it. Not so much because it’s some essential skill, my little jest aside, but just because I’d like to see what these guys think the blogosphere is all about and how they choose to present themselves to us.

UPDATE: George Will reminds us about Fred’s record on campaign finance reform.

And the AmSpec’s Washington Prowler reminds us about George Will.