Iran wants a little quid-pro-quo for letting those sailors go

Just like an old fashioned mob shakedown: Hey, notice that your business didn’t burn down this week? How grateful are you for that? Allah sent me that link and thought Iran wants to orchestrate a prisoner release of its own. Probably that too, but I think they’re aiming higher. From that story:

Movahedian said it was a “mutual task” for Iran and the world’s major powers to “glean the fruits” of Tehran’s decision to release the Britons.

He said he would welcome recognition by the U.N. Security Council’s five permanent members — the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China — of what Iran says is its right to enrich uranium in its nuclear programme for peaceful purposes.

“That’s the prime issue for Iran and I think that could help set a new basis for our future relations with Western countries,” he said.

Plus, here’s a Reuters dispatch by David Clarke linking the diplomatic solution to this crisis to the possibility of a diplomatic solution for the nuclear issue:

Analysts said the involvement of the top foreign policy adviser to British Prime Minister Tony Blair in talks with Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani, opening a new communication channel with Iran, was significant.

“There may be more of a disposition to try to find a way to get into negotiations on the nuclear issue, now that Iran has demonstrated that negotiations on this issue of detained service people can be productive,” said Mark Fitzpatrick, senior fellow for Non-Proliferation at the Institute for Strategic Studies.

There’s actually no need to read the whole thing…but do take note of where this bit of newswire fluff got published. I guarantee you they don’t run everything Reuters sends them.

(See, just look how reasonable we can be! Can we please have our nuclear program now?)

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I am impressed with how reasonable they are, and how responsive to diplomatic solutions. I say we supply these moderate, reasonable Somali pirates with unmonitored nuclear technology, right now.