Photoshop Fun at the Victory Caucus (Mark Steyn update)

AllahPundit says the fish are still biting and invited me to throw up a post or two today before the cane comes out to yank me off stage. So:

The Victory Caucus is leaning especially on the Congressional Republicans who supported the “declare defeat and get out” resolution. Right now they have a great thread up about photoshops of Florida congressman Ric Keller. But to get all the “lawnmower” jokes, you first need to read about Keller’s bizarre groundskeeping analogy.

Note to Keller: we’re not “mowing the neighbor’s lawn”. We’re fighting a gang in the neighbor’s house to the death before they take over that end of the neighborhood, so we can keep them out of our house.

Gaius at Blue Crab Boulevard points out that politicians like Keller have made a bet on defeat. Staking your political future on American failure may prove a very unwise wager.

UPDATE: Steyn’s quick take on Lawn-boy.

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