Why Is 24's Creator Conservative? Berkeley.

In a surprisingly forgiving piece about Fox News’s new Half Hour News Hour, the San Francisco Chronicle asks .5HNH and 24 creator Joel Surnow about why he’s so conservative:

Surnow told The Chronicle he was “fairly apolitical” until he attended college at UC Berkeley in the mid-1970s, where “I started hanging out with all these rich-kid Marxists, and I thought they were absurd.

“They were supported by their parents — from wealthy families — these upper-middle-class kids who were espousing the great communal experiments of Marx and Hegel. I thought they were idiots and hypocrites.”

Surnow said he’s had jobs since he was 12, and paid most of his way through college. Disgusted with his fellow students, he left UC Berkeley after 1 1/2 years.

All I can say to that is…Palomino!

In other comedy news, a gigantic Indian chief jumped up and squashed a college marching band beneath his vast busckskin-swathed legs and bottom. Little Big Horns, DrumsSalt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson immediately condemned unnamed bloggers and assured local Bosnians that “he would protect them from any backlash against them”.