EthicsPalooza: ColdCash Jefferson To Homeland Security Committee?

Howdy folks. See-Dubya here, minding the store today while Allahpundit goes fishing.

We need to talk about the Most Ethical Congress In History. Remember this smiling fellow? ColdCash!

The fellow with the ninety large in cash wrapped up in tinfoil in his freezer? The fellow with the ongoing ethics investigation, a member of whose staff already pled guilty to corruption? Yeah, that’s him. Congressman William Jefferson, D-La.

Well, according to Washington Post blogger Paul Kane (and via Greg Tinti), he’s going to get a seat on the Homeland Security Committee. Which is great, because what would a foreign power do to blackmail this guy? Accuse him of corruption? He can just laugh that off! “Ha! Get in line, fellas!”

It almost makes this little tidbit about Hillary! look innocuous:

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign reached a deal to pay a key South Carolina black leader’s consulting firm more than $200,000 just days before he agreed to endorse her run for president, it was revealed yesterday.

Even better: she appears to have beat out Obama for this consultant’s endorsement. Obama had retained him for $5,000. Darrell Jackson, the consultant–who is also a minister and a state senator–denies that his endorsement was for sale to the highest bidder.

It just happened to come immediately after Hillary crossed his company’s palm with a $210,000 contract. What a stroke of luck for Hillary!

You know, like Hillary just happened to hit the jackpot on those cattle futures. She’s still on a hot streak!

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