Fear of a Bosnian Backlash!

Maybe it’s related to Bosnia’s own difficult history, but do they really think that because a Bosnian teenager shot up that mall in Salt Lake City, the good citizens of that town will suddenly take up torch and pitchfork and drive the Bosnians from their midst?

Mayor Rocky Anderson condemned critics who lashed out at Bosnian immigrants in blogs, e-mails and phone calls, complaining that they jumped to “unjustified, outrageous conclusions” simply because a Muslim was involved.

Gotta link for those Anti-Bosnian blogs, mayor? How about you, MSNBC? No?

Hmm. Some bloggers have wondered about the possible connection to Islamist terror, but I haven’t seen much in the way of generalized Bosnian-bashing. Maybe this is a big cynical racial scare ginned up out of whole cloth?

Bosnia’s ambassador to the United States, Bisera Turkovic, said her country was shocked by the teenager’s actions.

Bosnians can’t believe that somebody of Bosnian origin can do something like this,” Turkovic said Thursday during on a two-day visit from Washington.

Would I be accused of perpetrating some sort of backlash here if I raised an eyebrow and observed that the former Yugoslavia is such a peaceful place?

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David Strom 8:41 PM on March 20, 2023