"CIA agents" ordered to stand trial in Italy; point missed again

I go on and on about this “Abu Omar” case because it gets a lot of coverage, but no one in the MSM asks the tough question you’re probably wondering right now: who was Abu Omar?

In this Reuters report the lapse is particularly egregious. He’s listed as a “Muslim cleric”, not even a “radical” cleric. Just Joe Imam, whisked off the street for a little kidney-work in Egypt.

But even if they said he was “radical”: there are plenty of radical Islamic clerics. What made Abu Omar so valuable that–as alleged by Italian prosecutors–he was kidnapped from the streets of Milan by a CIA team (with some Italian help) and rendered to Egypt for interrogation?

I wrote about Abu Omar on Michelle’s site last month here. Among several things, he’s a possible Saddam-terrorist connection. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why we don’t hear much about him…

Hey, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Abu Omar was completely innocent and not “recruiting volunteers to fight in Iraq on the eve of the U.S. invasion”. But if twenty-six Americans with connections to the CIA are supposed to stand trial in Italy (although the story says we’re probably not going to extradite them), then this story is going to get a lot more coverage. Eventually, someone in the MSM is going to have to take a break from the rendition angle and start asking about why the CIA thought Abu Omar was so important.

Aren’t they?