L.A. Times Preparing Another Hit Piece on Fred!

The L.A. Times really has it in for Fred Thompson. Jim Geraghty reports:

Folks close to Fred Thompson expect another critical piece from the Los Angeles Times in the near future, this one focusing on Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn’s past work for the government of Chile. Apparently sometime around 1991 or 1992, the partners invited Fred Thompson to join them on a trip down to Chile aimed at drumming up additional business. Fred went on the trip, sat in on the pitch meetings, and then returned with the partners. Thompson did not do any work for the government of Chile, I am told.

Allegedly, one primary source for this Times story is the same as the last one: former Congressman Michael D. Barnes (D-Md.).


It’s not clear what the paper is planning to accuse Thompson of doing. Geraghty says it has nothing to do with Pinochet, based on the timing.

If they’re trying to “pre-spin” whatever’s coming out, they’re being pretty mysterious about it:

The individual close to Thompson that I spoke to seemed to sense that the Times had not eaten their journalistic Wheaties in this endeavor. “There’s a difference in relationship between being [a lawyer] of counsel to a firm and being a partner, and they want to blur the distinction… [We] keep explaining that relationship, they don’t want to get it. Maybe we need flash cards for the L.A. Times.”

When the L.A. Times is done, can I see those flash cards? ‘Cause I don’t get it.

Specifically, I don’t understand why the campaign is leaking this now — but not telling us anything specific that will help put the allegations in context. Maybe it will all become clear in time. Stay tuned . . .


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