Ninja Warrior blogging and bleg

Allah does robots. Bryan did BSG. Now, my turn!

I don’t let my kids watch too much TV, but there’s one show our family is completely addicted to: G4’s Ninja Warrior. My three-year-old is obsessed. Bryan (himself a Ninja Warrior viewer–yes, I outed you, pal) can attest to that. Ninja Warrior is a campy yet compelling Japanese obstacle course competition. There are separate shows for men and women. Here’s our favorite male contestant, Makoto Nagano:


G4 is now holding an American Ninja Competition:

G4 is going to send one lucky American athlete to Japan to compete in Ninja Warrior. Help us choose this contestant by watching each of the videos on the left, then clicking on the ninja star to give it a 1-5 rating. The top three will be flown to Los Angeles to compete LIVE on Attack of the Show. We’ll take the winner to Japan in September to compete in the next NINJA WARRIOR!

We had narrowed our choices down to two–Ethan C. and another entrant–when the most incredible e-mail came into the Hot Air tips box yesterday.

Turns out that contestant Ethan C. (Ethan Czahor) is the same guy who founded (now One Nation Under Blog, which we linked to here at Hot Air back in April. He appeared on John Gibson’s show in April:

So, here’s the bleg: Ethan’s asking for our help. He needs online votes to get him into the top 3. I think he’s got a good chance. Excellent upper-body strength and endurance, plus a great sense of humor. If you watch the other entrants, you’ll see that they just don’t get the Ninja Warrior vibe. It’s Sasuke –Ninja Warrior, not Urban Ninja. If he can make it to Stage 3, I definitely think he’ll be able to get past the Cliff Hang. His jumping skills (beyond hopscotch), however, remain an open question.


Vote for Ethan here.

Ethan e-mails: “If I make it to Japan I’ll wear a nice Ronald Reagan t-shirt or something like that.”

Dude, a Hot Air t-shirt would be even better. 😉

Update (bp):
Ninjas are freaking awesome. That is all.

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