Housekeeping items

Just a few things of note: You may have noticed the new ads on the sidebar. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined Pajamas Media. My personal blog has been part of the network since PJM’s inception. Lots of readers/viewers ask how they can help support us. Well, supporting our advertisers always helps. With backing from our new partners at PJM, we’ll continue to do our very best to serve, stimulate, inform, and entertain you as we have for the past year.

We’re grateful to Henry Copeland and Blogads for their past service.

Also, our webmaster extraordinaire Mark Jaquith is joining b5 media. Please send him congrats and good luck. He’ll continue to provide services for us, along with King of Fools. But we can always use extra help. If you know of any WordPress gurus with some spare time, let us know.

Finally, Ian Schwartz is leaving his part-time position here to spread his wings. We’re grateful for his contributions to the site and wish him the best in his college studies and future. He was onto the video blogging revolution before it had a name. He’ll still be a regular presence here as a fellow commenter and, as he told me, “I will still visit Hot Air a 100 times a day.” You can reach him at [email protected] and his blog is at

Carry on!
–The Boss

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