A Hot Air birthday

Six months ago today, Hot Air went live. The timestamp on our first post: 4:15am.

We haven’t slept since.

Since the left-leaning technology elite won’t toot our horn, I want to take a few moments to give you a brief progress report. In half a year, we’ve gone from zero to Technorati’s 43rd top most-linked blog in the blogosphere. We have no venture capital angels. No Soros. No Scaife. No Hollywood sponsors. No big media or corporate backers. Just us, our ideas, our sweat equity, our cramped basement studio, and some very maxed-out credit cards.

I’m blessed to have the most indefatigable, creative, and entrepreneurial team around. Can’t say enough about Bryan Preston’s skills as video whiz/blog essayist/content developer and Allah Pundit’s gifts as unrivaled blog deity/Photoshopper/newshound/agent provocateur. Adding Ian Schwartz, formerly of The Political Teen, to our Internet garage band not only lowered the average age of the Hot Air team, but also turbo-boosted our video clip offerings and traffic (thanks to some quirky, massive Drudge links). Before Hot Air, my insomnia was a solitary condition. Now, I’ve got constant company into the wee hours of the morning. All four of us are incurable night owls. Hot Air never rests!

I must also salute Mark Jaquith, our brilliant webmaster (and spirited contrarian commenter and fellow nocturnal creature), who is the best in the business. Peter Flaschner and the Blog Studio helped get us off the ground. Cachefly and Rackspace provide sturdy hosting services. Cox and Forkum supplied our mascot. Ed W. has generously assisted us with studio set-up and technical matters.

The visionary Henry Copeland and his Blogads team have done a fabulous job on the business end. I want to thank all of our traditional and video advertisers, especially Doug at Thoseshirts.com, who sponsored Vent during our debut week.

Those of you who are newer to Hot Air may have missed the cutting-edge animation of Doug TenNapel and his associates, who contributed fantastic cartoon shorts for us at launch time.

One of the best perks of Hot Air is being able to meet and work with so many talented content providers around the world. Many thanks to our Hot Air affiliates for sharing their work, news scoops, and video: Charles Ryder, No Pasaran, Brian Maloney, David Lunde, Moonbat Media, Sanctuary, Suitably Flip, and Shire Network News.

Thanks to our pioneering substitute hosts, regular show hosts, special correspondents, and contributors: Jeff Goldstein, Robert Spencer, Clint Taylor, Bethany and Steve from realVerse, Mary Katharine Ham, RightWingSparkle, Freedom Folks, La Shawn Barber, and Kirsten Powers. A special word of thanks to godfather of the blogosphere, Glenn Reynolds, for his linkage to our work.

Deepest gratitude to all of you who visit the site, contribute comments, and provide tips and support every day. Like some babbling Oscar winner being rushed off the stage while the pit orchestra starts playing loud exit music, I know I must be forgetting others out there. Thanks to you, too.

Last but not least, I want to say thank you to my hubby, Jesse. He’s the Ricky Ricardo to my Lucille Ball–always tolerating my latest cockamamie schemes with a mixture of bemusement and trepidation.

Me: “Honey! I’ve got an idea: I want to start an Internet video broadcasting network with the blogger from Junkyard Blog and another guy named Allah Pundit!”

Jesse: “You wanna do whaaa…with who???!!!”

Behind the scenes, Jesse is the number one Hot Air cheerleader/green-eye-shaded business guy /disciplinarian who keeps Hot Air’s feet on the ground so the team can keep reaching for the stars.

We’ve got much more in store for you as Hot Air continues to expand. As always, stay tuned.