Entertainment world protests with lapel pin during Golden Globe awards

Leave it to Hollywood actresses to tout a piece of jewelry as a bold political statement against sexual abuse and harassment. It’s time for the annual Golden Globe awards show and the theme this year is, to paraphrase it, women are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. Talk show host Seth Meyers will play the role of circus ringleader.

The statement piece is really just a lapel pin. The message is Time’s Up. I don’t know, doesn’t that sound a bit lame? Is this the best Hollywood’s creative minds could muster?

In years past, Lorraine Schwartz, Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston have been the coveted jewelry designers to show off at an awards show. But this year, it’s a simple pin that’ll serve as the must-have accessory at the Golden Globes.

Reese Witherspoon enlisted costume designer and stylist Arianne Phillips to design the Time’s Up pin: a reference to the sexual harassment prevention initiative launched Monday by Witherspoon, Shonda RhimesEmma StoneKerry WashingtonNatalie Portman and other Hollywood women. Time’s Up is also raising money for a legal defense fund for both women and men who believe that they’ve been discriminated against or harassed in the workplace.

Oh. A group of Hollywood’s women has banded together to raise money for the accusers no one wanted to believe in the first place. The same actresses and other creative people were willing to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the complaints in the pre-#MeToo movement days. Ok, then. Liberal guilt is the best guilt. Only 500 pins were made, though. I guess it’s important to hold on to a bit of status symbolism in social awareness.

The men attending the awards show are asked to wear black. My initial reaction to that bold statement was to ask, what color do men normally wear to a formal affair? Fuchsia? Puce? This is why the entertainment sector is so easy to mock. Most of the women plan to wear black as a statement of solidarity, too, but, again, how is this a bold statement?

If celebrities and other creative people really want to be taken seriously as activists and show some social awareness along the way they would lead by example. They would do volunteer work and use their platforms as a voice to inspire others instead of performing selfish stunts for publicity. If someone like Meryl Streep is in attendance and sporting this lapel pin, it will be a bit too much. She’s the epitome of conveniently ignoring the rumors and innuendos of abuse for more than 40 years. Spare me the hypocrisy.