Weinstein's former assistant: He made me clean up after his frequent sexual encounters

Sandeep Rehal worked as Harvey Weinstein’s assistant starting in 2013 when she was just 26-years-old. Rehal is now suing Weinstein and the Weinstein Company claiming her duties included taking dictation while Harvey was nude and preparing him for his frequent sexual rendezvous. From the Hollywood Reporter:

“Much of Ms. Rehal’s work as an employee of TWC involved catering to Harvey Weinstein’s sexual appetites and activities, and catering to his demeaning and often abusive family members,” states the filing. “Ms. Rehal was required to be involved in and aware of the preparations for, and clean up after, Harvey Weinstein’s extremely prolific sexual encounters.”

That involvement, Rehal claims, included keeping a list of Weinstein’s contacts that included a special asterisk to denote which were his “girls,” setting up an apartment near the office that he could use for sexual liaisons, buying lingerie and managing the stock of his erectile dysfunction injections.

“Every time Harvey Weinstein went to meet a woman at a hotel, in the office, or elsewhere, which occurred on average at least three times a week when he was in New York, Ms. Rehal was required as part of her job to provide Harvey Weinstein with a shot, which she placed in his jacket pocket or in a brown paper bag,” states the complaint. “Another ‘task’ Ms. Rehal was forced to do to aid Harvey Weinstein’s sexual encounters was to clean up the semen on the couch in Harvey Weinstein’s office. This happened on a regular basis, three or so times a week when Harvey Weinstein was in New York.”

Rehal also claims she regularly had to work with Weinstein while he was naked, and specifically mentions taking dictation of emails from him while he was in the nude on an almost weekly basis.

Rehal claims Weinstein would grope her and verbally harass her almost every time he was going somewhere in his chauffeured SUV. When she wore skirts he would put his hand on her thigh. When she started wearing pants instead, attempting to discourage him, he would put his hand between her thighs or, if she turned away, grab her rear. After two years putting up with this behavior, she finally quit in early 2015.

Rehal claims it was “common knowledge” within the office how Weinstein behaved toward women. When Weinstein’s ability to procure erectile dysfunction injections from a London doctor was endangered she was paid a bonus of $500 for finding a replacement source. She claims the head of human resources at The Weinstein Company authorized the bonus knowing what it was for.

Weinstein, through his attorney, has denied the allegations and claims he will respond to them in court and prove they are false. Given what he has been accused of by so many women around the world, none of what Rehal is saying comes as a shock. In fact, her description is pretty much what I imagined, only worse. If you want more details, the full lawsuit is at the bottom of this page.